Scheduled Mining

Set up times when your phone would not be in use and mining shall begin automatically.

Background Mining

Continue to use your phone normally as you mine in the background.

Smart Mining

Automatically detects and mines the most profitable cryptocurrency available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to Google's policies crypto mining apps are not allowed on the play store. Instead you can get the app by downloading the APK Here and installing it.

This depends on a number of factors such as the specs of your phone, how long will you mine and what you decide to mine. However as midrange smartphone, working 24/7 on smart mining should earn ~ $1 per week.

More threads = More money, But also more heat and battery drainage.

RIP. Unfortunately not all phones are created equal. It will still work, but mining may be slower than a flagship phone.

You can choose to mine any of our available coins, however we do recommend using the smart mining feature which is ~5x more profitable than mining Monero directly.

Closing the app and reopening it should fix that :)

Contact us

If you need help using Pickaxe, are experiencing problems or would like to provide some feedback on the app, your best shot would be to send us a message on Tiktok, Instagram or joining our incredible community on Discord.